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Let me impart some of my knowledge with you. From each of the 7 reasons why I suck, I also learned valuable lessons.

I believe the main reason why I sucked so bad in life, is because I was simply Inconsistent. Some days I would be on the ball, doing everything I could to remain consistent. And that could last days, weeks and even months for me. Yet sometimes, to put it quite frankly.. I fell off. And I knew I fell off. And the saddest part is that it only took one day for it to feel like my whole entire life was completely out of wack. And although I knew I had fallen off track, do you think it was easy to get back up? Not at all, for some reason I remained in that lull for awhile. Not all of the time, but most of the time. That’s when I realized that it’s much easier to start small, and maintain momentum, slowly increasing as you get more time and energy; because it is so hard to get things back up and running once you stop. However, should you have to stop for any reason, you just have to lean that it’s OK. It happens to the best of us. And as long as you have determination and passion, you’ll figure it out and you’ll be back up and running in no time.

I don’t recall when this first became a problem for me, but it felt like it just came out of nowhere. One day I just woke up and was Indecisive about everything to do with life and business. There were too many options. Which was the best option? I’d been burned before, and that wasn’t enjoyable at all. So how do I know now if this choice would be the best choice? So instead of making a choice and moving forward, I would just stop everything and wait. Wait for clarity on what the right direction for my life and business would be. I would spend time seeking answers, looking outside of myself for solutions; and that was probably my biggest problem. I was looking outside when I should have been looking inside. Listening to the little small voice inside of me that would guide me to the right decision to make. As I write this, I realize that my next reason is probably what created this indecisiveness in me to begin with.

Being Fearful is possibly one of the most cancerous emotions in your life. It’s all good and well to have fear in obviously dangerous situations, but sometimes we have fears that cripple us from moving forward in life and succeeding. The thing about fear, is that sometimes it’s not even apparent. It can be so rooted into your subconscious that you don’t even realize that it’s there. I have suffered from a plethora of fears (perhaps I’ll share them in a future post) but I’m glad I have eventually learned what most of them are. I haven’t eliminated them totally, but being aware of them is always the first step. Some fears that many people have and don’t even know is the fear of failure or believe it or not, the fear of being successful. Overcoming fear is not always the easiest task, but it’s something worth figuring out if you’d like to move from your standstill position in life and business. You just have to Feel the Fear, And Do it Anyway! (An amazing book by the way, which I am shamelessly promoting.)

When I first start anything, I do it because first of all, I enjoy it or find it interesting.  And secondly when I see there is a gap in the niche where I feel that I fit perfectly. Let me give you an example. When I first started doing YouTube back in about 2008, it’s when I had first started experimenting with makeup. That initial stint into YouTube grew into me creating various beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs ( the majority of them no longer exist). Life situations brought me to a standstill, and I eventually stopped. I had a huge desire to start blogging and doing video’s again, but after taking a break for a few years.. I realized all the other amazing bloggers and youtubers that had emerged. And I thought it was fantastic, but I started to feel rather Common. I would wonder to myself, who would watch my video if there was another video out there that touched on the same subject. Or if there were so many other people out there doing what I was doing. I didn’t want to feel like I was out here doing the exact same thing as everyone else. I wanted to be diverse. I wanted to be different. And for the first time in my life I had wanted to stand out. Those who know me personally would be shocked to hear me say that. As a 6″1 glamazon, I’d always preferred the idea of hiding myself and to NOT be the center of attention, yet here I was trying to figure how to up my game and be a standout and not blend in with the multitude of vloggers and bloggers that had emerged onto the scene while I was dealing with life. If this is you, I want you to know that you’re not common at all! There could be a million people doing the exact same thing as you, but that doesn’t make you a common person. In fact it makes you great. No one in this world is you. No one in this world will do things the way you do. No one will have the same thought processes as you, have the same experiences or deliver the information in the same way you do. So be yourself and just do what you feel you were called to do in the best way you can and be authentic, because trust me…. your audience will be able to tell.

Have you ever just felt Bored with the way things were going in your life and in your business? Bored with the processes, or just felt really detached and uninterested in the tasks at hand? It can happen, even if it’s something you thought you were passionate about. Sometimes the repetition of the same thing over and over again can become very daunting. Especially if you’re not seeing the kind of results you had hoped for. It’s OK to become bored, and when you feel that way.. you can step away. The chances are that if that’s how you feel, those around you will be able to tell. And in my opinion it’s very hard to be good at something you have no excitement about. Sometimes the break will show you why you were passionate about whatever it is in the first place. And other times it will be a gentle nudge to show you that it’s time to try something new. Contrary to popular belief, it’s OK to quit. Especially if your heart is no longer in it.

I just didn’t feel like it. I was tired. Sleep deprived. Motivation was lost. To put it plain and simple, I was Lazy. Do you know how many hours it takes to actually edit a video once you’ve managed to secure some time out of your schedule to even record it? Who wants to put out sub-par low quality content? Not I! So that was a popular excuse for me. When I think about it again, I realize I was just plain lazy. I could have pushed more, I could have tried harder. What was a few hours of sleep lost in order to get closer to creating a brand and a life that I loved? It’s much easier said than done, mental exhaustion is no joke. One thing I did learn though, is that there’s nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself, just don’t let your laziness become a habit, because it will steal your dreams in the long run. And it’s never fun to live your life with regrets.

In this journey called life, you will come across all different kinds of people. Some are family member’s others are friends, acquaintances, associates., fans, etc. So many categories to place individuals into. As you build and grow relationships, you begin to develop trust with them. And sometimes we can put trust into the wrong people. It happens to the best of us. I know it’s happened to me many a time, and hey! that’s just part of growth. Imagine a scenario when you put your trust into someone, and then they turn around and talk sh*t about you. You think they’re a supportive person, but it turns out they actually hate your guts and wish you nothing but failure. Or just enough success, so that you won’t be more successful than them. They purposely downplay your achievements. And always have something negative to say about anything and everything you’re doing. And this is just a small example of how malicious people can be. So of course you feel Hurt, because who wouldn’t? No one wants to be ridiculed for trying to do anything. Especially when they’re met with just plan mean attitudes. There is a difference between constructive criticism and just out right hostility. I’ve heard that if you don’t have any haters, then you’re not doing anything. I wish I took that saying more to heart at the time when I needed it the most.

Now to get down to the nitty gritty. Now that I’ve exposed the 7 reasons why I just suck, I’ve got to point out the one reason why all of this was OK. I gained a great deal of Knowledge. In my quest to be kick ass in life and business. I was forced to learn how to do things myself. Figure out how and why things work. I was forced to venture into various realms that I never would have found myself in. So over the past 10 years of life, where I have felt like I was on a roller coaster. Achieving great highs, but also experiencing great lows. I have been able to gain a great deal of knowledge through experience, Trial and error is sometimes the best way to learn about something. The old adage says, life is the greatest teacher. And I couldn’t agree more. Inconsistency, Indecisiveness, fear, feeling common, boredom, laziness and being hurt has equipped me with a plethora of information that I wouldn’t have acquired otherwise. It’s like a badge of honor on top of all the other gifts and talents inside of me. Realizing this has made me focus on what I want to achieve in life, and be strategic about it. And at the same time, enjoy life and not take it so seriously. Lessons I have learned gives me the ability to help others, and that’s where my passion really lies.

until next time,

Be blessed!




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