Nadine also know as Entice was born an raised in the wealthy province of Alberta. She is a true Calgarian bringing the head office mentality of the amazing city into everything that she does. Since a young girl, Nadine has always been a dreamer. Not always taken seriously by those around her, her dreams and her mother always drove her to believe that she could do anything she put her mind to.

Being raised in a single parent home, seeing her mothers hard work always gave her the determination and drive to be successful so she would be able to take care of her mother the way her mother took care of her and her older brother.
Despite her determination, Nadine had one fear. Rejection. Feeling rejected by her father as a child and many of the male figures in her life, this turned her into a shy individual not wanting to approach individuals. Through the power of social media Nadine was able to reach out to many people in various areas of interest and begin to build her first brand unknowingly “mizz entice”.
Starting off making YouTube videos of random singing, she began creating videos of makeup looks, hauls, fashion and product reviews.
Later sharing her passion for modeling, “mizz entice” was featured on many websites. In a means to streamline and grow the brand she rebranded to Entice Diamanté as her brand continued to flourish.
While “mizz entice” was starting to take off she joined Keisha “lala” Nicole and Candie in a online radio show dubbed “Kribbing after dark” a late night talk show sponsored by “Tha sports krib” interviewing many indie artists and up and coming models.
The trio later moved on to create tp3radio which was hosted on “the dusk spot” by a media mogul and friend Ceddy J. The ladies soon launched their own broadcast of tp3radio and have been running it since then now moving into their fourth season.
In the meantime Nadine started an online business known as BeEfElle pronounced “B-F-L” standing for beauty, fashion, life which offered an online boutique specializing in women’s fashion with an accompanying blog, where many guest bloggers have been featured.
BeEfElle has now been rebranded to stylepact. Stylepact is based on the fundamentals of fashion and individuality with a firm root in the importance of self love. Nadine is working intensely on being able to create a brand like no other. She just wrapped up her first ever FREE online program called #theselflovepact helping individuals to love themselves more. StylePact is an emerging company that encourages individuality of style, and will soon offer stylish one of a kind items.
Nadine has created many brands, and websites from time to time to showcase her various interests and hobbies, and has decided to pull everything together in one site, thus creating Entice the Brand. Check back often to stay updated on her journey. It only goes up from here!