Current Projects

There isn’t ever a time when I  wasn’t working on a project. I have always been ambitious and an avid dreamer. My greatest desire in life has always been to help people in any way, shape or form that I can. Below are the current projects I am working on.



StylePact is currently under construction, and was the original  home of “The Self Love Pact”. A 4 Week journey into loving yourself more. Stay tuned to the revamp of this site and it’s offerings!

Champagne x Diamonds


Champagne x Diamonds is a new series that I launched on youtube in Dec 2016. I have had the idea to do a show of this nature for years. The timing just never felt right. As 2016 was winding down and nearing it’s end, I decided that it would be the perfect time to step out of my comfort-zone, and launch this project that has been on my mind for so long.

Currently all of the episodes are hosted on youtube. The vision for this project is to eventually turn it into a podcast that will be promoted via this website with an intention to help individuals across the globe to aspire to be great, as I share my own ideas, thoughts, struggles, perceptions and experiences.

Luxe XO

The love and passion for beauty and fashion has never been lost for me, that’s why I have relaunched an online boutique filled with items curated by yours truly. Luxe XO is an online retailer of luxe items for the millennial woman, at price points you can afford. Currently focusing on hair products, you can purchase premium synthetic wigs.