Modeling is one thing that Nadine has always had a knack for. She was the awkward tall girl that always stood out; no matter how hard she tried to blend into the crowd. Shyness was another factor that she has to overcome. The first agency she was with recommended acting to showcase her bubbly personality, but that suggestion barely made it off the ground. As years went by, she opted for print, although those oppurtunites were few and far between.

Working in customer service most of her life, it was natural that Nadine would succeed as a brand ambassador. Giving her an opportunity to represent brands such as Delmonte, Toys R’ Us and Franks Red Hot.

Over the past few years Entice has been featured on a variety of publications. Both print and digital. Real Swag Magazine, Duskspot,, and impressent just to name a few.

When it is all said an done, she loves the photography aspect of the modeling world and has had an opportunity to work with various Canadian photographers. Nadine has also dabbled in a little self-photography that will be showcased throughout the site in upcoming posts. She has taken a break from freelance modeling to focus on other projects but hopes to add to her portfolio in the near future.