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Thank you!

Such a sweet sound that phrase possesses. When you give someone something and they fail to respond with some form of gratitude it leaves you feeling a little disappointed. How is it that you have taken your time, energy and effort to produce something of value and no gratitude has been shown. It sucks.

You can’t help but feel this way, because in retrospect… if someone has given you something.. you would reply with gratitude. Even if you weren’t thrilled with the gift that was received. It’s the polite thing to do. And for heaven’s sake, it’s the thought not the gift that really counts.

The fact that someone took the time and effort to think about you and give you something. There are many more people in their circle that they could have selected. Instead they choose you. And that alone is something to be thankful for. Just the opportunity to be chosen.

We al love those people who are extremely overjoyed with gratitude when we give them something. It could be teh smallest most insignificant thing to us…yet when they receive it, they treat it like the world’s best gift. The thing about these people is we often hold a desire to give more to people like this. Their gratitude is a gift in itself to us.

I say all of that to say this, learn to be thankful in life.. Be thankful for the little things. The sunshine, the warm weather, your mode of transportation. Be thankful and see how it can impact your life.

I know, it’s extremely cliche and we’ve heard it all before. We’ve done it all before. Well let me share an experience with you.

In November I decided for the first time ever to start a gratitude journal. I decided that for every day in the month I would reflect on one aspect of my life and feel gratitude for it. I would write it down in my journal along with 1 reason why I was so thankful for that particular thing, or person. I’m sad to say that my gratitude journal ended abruptly.

On day 1, I wrote how grateful I was for my mother. Later that day she called me and told me she has been in a motor vehicle accident. For which until today she is still recovering.

On day 2, I wrote how grateful I was for my dad. Upon speaking to him later in that week I found out that he had become sick with the flu days prior.

On day 3, I wrote about being thankful for my gifts and talents. Thankfully I believe I still have all my gifts and talents that I am grateful for.

On day 4, I wrote about being thankful for my vehicle. And that evening when I left work ready and excited to head home to enjoy the weekend. My vehicle wouldn’t start. To make a long story short it ended up being a long week of time wasted and inconvenience. Followed by being involved  motor vehicle accident where I was rear-ended. on Nov 11th. The day after I picked up my vehicle from being repaired.

So after that brief breakdown, I’m sure you can see why I seized the gratitude journal experience. So after all of this, here I am telling you to be thankful. I wish I could explain why all hell seemed to break loose once I openly wrote down the things that I was grateful for,. The jury is still out on that. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped me from being thankful.

I no longer intend to write down what I’m thankful for, perhaps I will try this exercise again in the future. However I will say that being thankful as a whole has brought a lot of joy to my life. Because life hasn’t been easy for me. Sometime I feel like I am living in a utter nightmare….but the least I can do is be thankful for the the things that are going right and trust that things may be rocky at the moment…but the best is yet to come.

Have you kept a gratitude journal before? If so what was your experience? What do you think I did wrong with mine. Leave a comment below and let’s get a conversation going!

Until next time, be blessed!

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