Laser Focused

Sometimes you just need to be laser focused on you. On yourself. On your dreams. Your desires. Your mental stability and your peace. 

So many people are out here giving lip service. They claim to “love you” but what is their idea of love?  Is it the pure unconditional love? Probably not. Nowadays we get that superficial I love you because it sounds good kind of love. I love you because I’m supposed to love you. I love you for what you can do for me. I love you for who I think you are. I love you for who I want you be kind of love.

So many of us don’t even realize that we’re slaving, killing ourselves and dying to live up to the standards of others. Just to receive the half assed love they have chosen to give us. 

Sometimes we just need to take a step back. From everyone and everything that tries to trap us into a box. That tries to label us as if we were an object. We are people. Beautiful, wonderful and unique individuals. 

Becoming laser focused may mean removing yourself from the spotlight, it could mean just silencing yourself moemtairly. Taking time to relearn yourself, taking time to concentrate on who you are and your needs. Turning down your reflex to react. And instead letting situations and circumstances wash over you like ocean waves.

Be laser focused on everything that is you. To some it may appear like complete and utter chaos, but it’s not their life to live. It is yours. And sometimes utter chaos can create amazingly beautiful things.

Be blessed. 

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