Starting Over…Again?

I’ve played with this idea many times. In both business and personal life, and making the desicion is never easy. I’m pretty sure this has to be at least the 50th time in the past few years that starting over has come to my mind. And once the thought appears, the questions never cease thereafter. 

The main question that seems to entangle my mind would have to be “How?” How does one start all over again? I mean I’ve invested time, energy and money into building my brand until now. So to just up and start all over again?! That’s just a little scary to say the least. How do I do it? Do I go ahead and start all new social media accounts, do I work on reaching new people? Then that would surely leave all my previous supporters in the dust. Ideally I would need to focus on transitioning everyone over, but what if some people get missed? How do I make it work? How do I reach the right people. How do I make sure no one gets left behind?

And every time I think I truly have come to a decision, I realize that a part of me is still a little indecisive. But hey, that’s life. I’m a human being, and I’m free to do things my why. It’s my business, and it’s my brand. 

So I say that to say this. Thank you to those of you who have stayed with me from the beginning. Thank you to those of you who appreciate my quirks. I appreciate all of your support. Even if you are a new supporter, you’re very much appreciated also. 

The only thing that I can promise you is that I am going to change. I will change, I make changes everyday. In all realms of life, but that’s what’s exciting about life. So thanks in advance to everyone willing to take this ride with me. 

I am Entice Diamanté. Entice the brand. 


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